Gloss Carbon & Leather

Here is an example of a custom steering wheel we can do in gloss carbon fiber weave (standard 2×2), perforated leather, red stitching and red race stripe.

This simple design will look great in almost every car you put it in. With a few option changes our sales team can fully customize this to meet your needs and match your vehicle.

We can also help retain your vehicles options such as heated steering wheel by integrating the OEM equipment into the manufacturing process so you do not lose any of your cars original features.



Galaxy Customs - Carbon Fiber & LED Display Steering Wheel

Upgraded Technology

Galaxy Customs can also install an LED shift light and display in any wheel you order. This option gives your vehicle an exotic look while also displaying crucial vehicle data.

You can set the RPM for when you want the shift lights to change, set custom colors on the RGB lights and control the brightness. Also with our ODBII connection box your steering wheel can display many options (depending on vehicle model) such as oil pressure, boost pressure, fuel level, track timer, vehicle speed and more.



Forged Carbon Fiber

This new look for carbon fiber is becoming very popular and Galaxy Customs can provide you the exotic look and feel of it in your next build. We are also working on developing custom forged colors such as red or gold so make sure to stay in touch with us.



Galaxy Customs - Forged Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

Complete Custom Build

No matter what is it you need for your vehicle let us know and our team will make your dream a reality. We have so many materials, colors, patterns, etc.. we can offer you.

Don’t let the other guys make you order what they have in stock. We will build everything you want to your request so that your vehicle stands out from everyone.

Our team is also here to help you track down wheels, interior accessories, performance parts and more. Let us be your one stop shop before your next build.