Thank you for your interest in Galaxy Customs, please use our steering wheel configurator below to help pick your options and details needed. Once submitted our sales team will review your choices and reach back out to you with your custom quote. If you have any questions or need something urgent please e-mail


Your custom wheel will ship as a bare frame with your specifications. This means you will need to move over any trim, electronics (such as paddle shifter, hands free buttons, volume, etc…) and airbag from current OEM wheel in your car. If you are interested in having all of this preinstalled on your new wheel before we ship we can do that for you at the cost of the OEM parts – just make sure to let our team know.
Forged Black Carbon & Black Alcantara – Flat Top & Bottom – Red Accents
Gloss Red/Black Carbon Fiber – Black Perforated Leather – Red Stitching – Flat Bottom
Gloss Carbon Fiber & Red Perforated leather – LED Display
Black Alcantara & Black Leather with LED Display
Forged Carbon with Gold Glitter & Black Alcantara – Red Stitching – Flat Bottom
Gloss Black & Red Carbon Fiber & Black Perforated Leather with Red Stitching
Gloss Orange Carbon Fiber & Black Perforated Leather with Orange Stitching
Gloss Black Carbon Fiber & Black Perforated Leather with Blue Accents
Gloss Carbon Fiber & Red Alcantara with LED Display
Black Alcantara & LED Display
Dry (Matte) Carbon Fiber & Alcantara with Red Stitching (Custom Logo)
Gloss Carbon Fiber & Blue Alcantara with LED Display
Gloss Black Carbon Fiber & Black Alcantara – Red Stitching
Gloss Red Carbon Fiber & Black Perforated Leather
Dry (Matte) Carbon Fiber & Alacantara
Black Forged Carbon & Perforated Leather
Grey Alcantara Only – Orange Accents – Flat Bottom
Gloss Carbon Fiber & Alcantara with LED Display
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  • Our wheels come with a unique ergonomic grip design that increases comfort. We can also build your wheel to just have round surface like most OEM steering wheels.
  • Keep your OEM electronics (volume, cruise control, hands free, etc…) and air bag but still have that custom racing or show look in your car. We use OEM frames so all of your existing trim & electronics will transfer over to your new Galaxy Customs steering wheel and work just like factory.
  • Most Carbon Fiber sections will include a grip section on back to help with performance driving grip.
  • Racing inspired look & design
  • All of our wheels come made using an OEM factory designed frame so the fit and finish is near perfect.
  • Galaxy Customs only uses 100% authentic Carbon Fiber – this is not a vinyl wrap or hydro-dip! You are getting real carbon fiber on your custom steering wheel.
  • Please note over-all appearance may very from pictures shown depending on how you customize your build.
  • All of our orders are custom made to your specifications. Please allow build time and once order has been submitted there is no cancellation or return (in any case we will work with you to make sure you are happy).
  • We always recommend a professional install your new wheel as there can be some adjustments and test fitting to be done when installing any custom part in your vehicle. Some options may require you splice in wiring or make new electrical connections.
Digital Display :
  • This feature will give you vehicle a unique look and feel while offering you supercar like features. Depending on the data your car’s ODBII port will provide you can have multiple display options (listed below)
  • Engine RPM and Vehicle Speed
  • Boost Pressure
  • Oil Pressure & Temperature
  • Fuel Level
  • Water Temperature
  • Track features such as lap timer and more
  • Shift Light – You can also control the light colors with full RGB.
  • And many more features…


PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING FORM: We have been told by a few customers that their quote never arrived or ended up in JUNK/SPAM folder. If you submit a quote and have not heard from us in more then 2 days please check your spam folder and if you still do not see it send us an e-mail –